UVACH is an India facing initiative of the USINPAC group.

  1. The goal of Uvach is to bring together leaders from different strata of society in India to discuss issues related to good governance in the regional context.
  2. The focus will be to identify and analyze developmental  hurdles in the regional context and to create and publish a “Development Report”.
  3. We hope to stimulate grassroots thinking and awareness amongst the “man on the street”  and help develop critical thinking and analytical skills in MBA and journalism students through multiple class room type sessions .
  4. The first Uvach in Nasik will also serve as a template for similar collaboration in the future with other educational institutes.


The event was led by and make possible by the Manoj Pandya and supported by the USINPAC team.


Friday, Jan 24th Events
Keynote Speakers

Transformation of India as a Developed  Nation
          -Avinash Dharmadhikari

 Socially Responsible Entrepreneur
 -Ajit Marathe CEO-Nirman Group of Companies, Mumbai  Group Presentationsby five teams on topics focussed on  regional developmental issues with analysis and recommendations

Sunday, Jan 26th Events 

Survey of the  “Man on the Street”to create a time stamped snapshot with 3 to 4 questions related to —Good Governance, Cleanness, Economy, education. conductedby MBA and Journalism students at 5 locations


  1. Create a  “Development Report” under the guidance of Mr. Dharmadhikari
  2. Present the two best reports to a US panel.
  3. Publish the report on the India321 website and in major newspapers
  4. Analyze the “Common Man” interviews by journalism students and publish the common man interviews via web-portal.
  5. Analyze the Uvach experience, solidify a partnership with Gokhale Institute and develop new partnerships with other educational institutes in India
  6. Explore potential partnerships with educational institutes in the USA

Manoj Pandy honored by Dr. M S Gosavi
Lalit Mahadeshwar with Dr. Vijay Gosavi and Dr. M S Gosavi of GEC.