India 3-2-1

The INDIA 3-2-1 is an initiative of the USINPAC group. The idea behind India 3-2-1 is to create a forum for exchange of ideas which will contribute to the ongoing transformation of India into a fully developed nation.

Global stakeholders are interested in the emergence of India as a developed nation
Certain fundamental structures must change before India can emerge as a mature economy
These changes are already evolving and can be promoted through dialogue and the exchange of ideas

FIRST INDIA 3-2-1 SUMMIT attended by Hon. Suresh Prabhu, Indian Minister for Railways and later Trade and Aviation.


  1. To build  platforms for forward thinking leaders and stakeholders working to accelerate India’s progress on multiple fronts
  2. Facilitate a process to
    • Identify and Analyze fundamental structural hurdles
    • Target Opportunities
    • Foster development of policy options and execution strategies
  3. Create Knowledge resource for policy makers, decision makers and civil society
  4. Disseminate knowledge and Create Networking Opportunities


President:         Lalit Mahadeshwar

Convener:         Neeraj Agrawal

Treasurer:         Manoj Pandya

Secretary:         Prasad Satghare

Board Of Directors INDIA 3-2-1

Prakash Sista
Nirupama Sista
Prakash Devalapalli
V. Devalapalli
Gurjit Sawhney

Board of Advisors INDIA 3-2-1

Sajjan Agarwal
Kanubhai Patel
Elaine Marshal
Gangadhar Shukla

India3-2-1 is a global non-partisan autonomous organization