UNITE 2020

The Unite 2020 is an initiative to bring together leaders from across the USA who support strong US-India relations . The goal of the meeting is for these leaders to lay the foundation of pan-US organization which will help promote and protect the US-India partnership .

US-India Partnership

India and the US share many common values, interests, and geopolitical goals. The structure of US-India economic and geopolitical relations will play a critical role in the new world order. The strategic and economic symbiosis between India and the US is in the long-term interest of both countries. 

There are many US citizens who believe that a strong US-India partnership is in the best long term interest of the United States. A robust US-India security, trade, cultural and educational cooperation should be the cornerstone of the future US interests in the Indian subcontinent and broadly in the Indo-Pacific region. It essential that their voice is heard robustly in order to better educate and inform the US government policy.

The Information Gap

The US system of governance depends on a robust competition of ideas which is the lifeblood of a robust democracy. The system depends on the active participation of multiple groups to better educate and inform the policymakers. Active and robust participation by different factions and interest groups is essential in order to advance US interests. The biggest threat to the India-US partnership is lack of information, misinformation and malicious disinformation.

Securing the US Homeland is the sworn duty of every US citizen. Many Indian American US Citizens believe that it is in the best US interest to strengthen its relationship with India. As good citizens, it is our duty to proactively promote a US-India strategic partnership.

Growing first-generation young Indian Americans is a very vibrant and resourceful community. They need to be engaged and better informed about India and India related issues to protect them from malicious disinformation campaigns.

The Need for Coordination

Indian diaspora in the US is well-positioned to educate and inform. It is important that we have a seat at the table and be able to educate and inform all those who influence policy. In order to be effective, the Indian diaspora needs a non-political and all-inclusive pan-American organizations to advocate for strong US-India ties.

Indian Americans will need to be better organized, have a collective sense of purpose, and be able to pool their funds to be effective. It is important for the Indian-American community to understand both the scale of activities and central coordination necessary to effectively educate and inform. It is inescapable that there is a need for an umbrella organization in the United States which will serve to bring us together and help us advance the cause of a strong US-India partnership