After Empowering Kashmir

Our sincere thanks to all of you who attended the “Kashmir Empowered” event yesterday. Our sincere thanks to our mentor, Shree Avinash Dharmadhikari who guided us on the sensitive and complex topic of recent abolition of article 370 and 35A. The false propaganda against India and brainwashing propagated with rampant lies in media by wasted anti-India interests have been disturbing Indian American diaspora. The heartfelt warmth and comradery shown by all of us to our fellow Kashmiri Pandits was very honest and sincere. We stand united to protect the principles of democracy, humanity, and the rule of law. We must win this battle in people’s minds and bring the truth in front of our larger American community. This is not a fight of Kashmiris alone but of all of us, Indians. We are NOT oppressor, nor we justify any kind of immoral, unethical or illegal behavior of anyone irrespective of their faith or nationality. But we are not going to tolerate insults and misinformation and defamation of Indians.
On Saturday many have committed themselves for active participation in the future steps. This has boosted our confidence and motivated us to take these initiatives to the next level. We have been consulting our advisory board members and mentors for the possible future steps.

Short Term
1. Publish video with talking points from Mr. Dharmadhikari on social media
2. Contact local media channels and get our view points in press.

Long Term: US-IN Partnership Acceleration Center (USINPAC)

We are forming a larger pan American presence with like-minded sister organizations with some common agenda points to collaborate and present our perspectives and facts to educational institutes, political parties, and media on several issues faced by India and Indian American diaspora. The mission of this organization is to build a long term sustainable and strong partnership at all levels between the two largest democracies.
India 3-2-1 is planning to host a large-scale National Convention in Raleigh before April 2020. We will be inviting thought leaders, political activists from various background, retired military personnel, celebrity artists, top industrialists from all over the USA as well as India.

Mr. Lalit Mahadeshwar has been invited to explore further possibilities of collaborating with Indian counterparts. He will be visiting Mumbai, Nagpur, and Delhi immediately to formalize the formalities this week itself.

Please feel free to share your ideas and concerns with us. Your active participation is critical in every step and this mission is not possible without your strong support.

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