USINPAC Activities

The overall objective of USINPAC is to further the friendship and partnership between the United States and India. To that end, USINPAC engages in educational and charitable activities that accelerate the evolving partnership between these two great nations: one the oldest democracy, and the other, the largest.

Educational Activities

The educational activities of USINPAC are designed to promote and accelerate a long term US-India partnership .

Intended Audience

The audience of the USINPAC educational activities includes:
  • Media including social media
  • Those involved in the crafting and implementing US policy
  • Business leaders in the US and in India
  • Opinion makers such as in think tanks, policy institutes and university departments
  • Security apparatus in India and the United States.
  • General society, including schools,and textbook content generators
  • Second generation and subsequent generation of US citizens that share an Indian ancestry.


Educational Formats

The USINPAC uses a wide array of educational avenues to fulfill its mission. These include:
  • Conferences, seminars, discussion groups, and forums in the US and in India to facilitate a dialogue and exchange of information at all levels between US and India.
  • Creation of educational material and providing access to subject matter experts who can appropriately educate and inform to counter malicious media reports are instigated to harm the interest of the Indian American community as well as jeopardize the US-India partnership.
  • Prepare and publish educational materials regularly.
  • Provide funding for educational projects such as for resident scholars, chairs, conferences, and exchange programs.
  • Arrange internship programs for students, scholars, reporters, and others who would benefit from exposure to India.
  • Train and encourage people, especially young people, to be active and informed participants in public debate about these and related issues
  • Support research.


Goals of Educational Activities

The goal of the educational activities of USINPAC is to improve understanding and encourage dialogue which will accelerate US-India cooperation. USINPAC will promote the study of India and India related issues such as :
  • Indian culture and history
  • US-India economic, strategic, and security relations
  • Historical and geopolitical complexities of Indian subcontinent
  • Such other subjects of common concern to the two countries such as terrorism.
  • Technology and scientific cooperation.
  • Trade and business relations


Charitable Activities

In order to promote and accelerate a long term US-India partnership , USINPAC participates from time-to-time in the following charitable activities:
  • Relief of the poor, the distressed or the underprivileged
  • Advancement of religion
  • Advancement of education or science
  • Lessening neighborhood tensions
  • Eliminating prejudice and discrimination
  • Defending human and civil rights secured by law